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                   FOOD !!!     

Buffalo is home to many diverse cuisines, evidence to that is our taste of Buffalo, (please see festivals page). There are many family run establishments, that have a unique twist on different types of foods, based on the culture of people that we have here. These are my ideas for some of the best Restaurants in Buffalo. Come to Buffalo and have a bite to eat!


CHICKEN WINGS img img img
When it comes to Chicken Wings, I have to go with the undisputed creator of the Chicken Wing, The Anchor Bar! The Anchor bar has existed on Main street in Buffalo since the 1930s. Frank and Theresa Bellisimo created the wings here many years ago, and  keep in mind for people not into wings, this is still a full service Italian restaurant with all the usual specialties and great sauce. The original home of the Wing, is cozy, friendly, and a great place to enjoy a meal. Its on the Subway route, off at either Allen street or Best street, minutes from downtown. When you enter the anchor, you will notice, all the license plates from many places in the U.S. and Canada, on weekends you will find great blues and jazz bands, and even a souvenir shop.   Its just a great place to enjoy a buffalo tradition. Stop in, get a big pitcher of Blue and a double order of wings Extra hot! Anchor Bar Site 

Buffalo has a traditional sandwich called, 'Beef on Weck'. This is a sandwich made with Roast Beef served on a Kimmelweck roll. Yes that's a German style hard roll, kimmelweck or even k├╝mmelweck , which has pretzel salt on it and usually served with Horse radish, Yes we have a bit of a German heritage here.  Fish fry's in Buffalo i'm told are exceptionally good. One of the things also brought by the German culture. These both are available in many places, especially old style pub restaurant. How about going to the oldest Bar in Buffalo that has a great tradition, in the old German neighborhood, now, the new Allen/Medical campus. This place has existed on that spot for 130 years !!! and is called Ulrich's Tavern on Ellicott Street. If you happen to be here on weekends, there are real German bands, a piece of Buffalo history!

ITALIAN img img img

Wow, there are many great Italian places for this Italian, but many of the Italians lived on the West side and there are still nice restaurants that exist there. The one that is without a doubt the most Popular is Chefs on Seneca Street. Down on the East side, bordering the city's downtown, Chefs is a popular stop for locals and out of towners, and has been there since 1923. Try the Spaghetti Parm, and look out you may run into one of the Sabres, or maybe  Capitan Kirk! My second Favorite is one probably  Marcos on Niagara Street. Great calamari, spinach bread, Seafood Marinara or Paesano Inferno, with real Buffalo made sausage, I say Bravo Marco!

FRENCH img img img

Some would say Buffalo was named by the French a contortion of "Beau Fleuve" which means Beautiful River. When It comes to French you have to go to Rue Franklin, on Franklin street in Allen town. This place is cozy, intimate and romantic, built in an old 1880s row house, its something to see. Try the Veal loin medallions, Australian lamb rib rack or Filet mignon. Get a bottle of that French wine and don't forget desert. Check it out at 341 Franklin street, Buffalo.

GERMAN  img img

Buffalo has a great German heritage, in 1900, there was a huge population of Germans in Buffalo, mostly in East Buffalo. Some of the first residents of Buffalo , It is estimated, the Germans numbered about 40 percent! Hence, the breweries in Buffalo, mostly German owned and run were about 38 in city limits ! My old neighborhood has a great German restaurant called Scarf's in Schiller park. Scarf's has all the favorites, Bratwurst, Kraut, Wiener Schnitzel, and of course their famous Potato pancakes. The also have many events, and Octoberfest, of course, every nite in October. Also check out Ulrich's Tavern above.

POLISH img img

The Polish population of Buffalo is also huge. Once one of the largest Polish Catholic communities in the U.S., they largely lived in East Buffalo, they built huge churches, which are beautiful and still exist there. In the late part of the 20th century, many of the Polish moved to the nearby suburb of Cheektowaga, however, lately there has been and effort to bring them back, with renovation of the historic Broadway Central terminal, one of the largest rail terminals in the nation, a Polish pride parade on Dingus day and revitalization of the Broadway Filmore district of Buffalo's East side. To get your pierogies an golumpki, go to the Polish Villa. For fresh food, in an historic market in the old Polish district, since 1888, go straight to the Broadway Market.  The Broadway Market has many sausages, polish baked goods and is huge especially at Easter time, known for their Hams, butter Lambs and of course Pazckis!

IRISH img img img

For Irish food, and buffalo has a huge Irish population, I would like to recommend the Blackthorn, a great Restaurant and pub in South Buffalo. The blackthorn has great Irish food, named from some of the many landmarks and streets in South Buffalo. This place is a favorite of many including celebrities like Tim Russert of NBC Meet the Press show, who is incidentally from South Buffalo and his dad both frequent this restaurant quite often.  If you are downtown, go no further than D'arcy McGee's Irish pub, this is a great place to get your Sheppard's pie, corn beef and cabbage and fish and chips. Oh yeah and all the Guinness you can drink! This place was completely constructed in and old warehouse, from wood brought directly from Ireland and great relics to go with it. Also great place for happy hour on Friday with many specials, and don't miss St. Patty's day parade here, its awesome, all you can see is Green!

GREEK img img img

Greek is very popular in Buffalo many of  the diners in Buffalo are Greek. In the Elmwood area where they celebrate the Greek festival for instance, there are about 4 Greek restaurants. In all the places I have tried, I still have say the best Beef and Chicken Souvlaki, Gyros, and baklava are at the Towne Restaurant on Elmwood and Allen Streets, check it out Opa!

BARBECUE img img img

Buffalos best barbecue joint is Fat Bob's without a doubt. Fat Bobs has an old smokehouse, juke joint style atmosphere. With a bar on the side, that has live bands, and those round tables with the checkered clothes, this place is the perfect backdrop for some great barbecue. They have an old style smoker back there and they do chicken, ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork and even fish! They have great sides, including sweet potato fries, corn bread, sausage gravy and look out for their southern style Mac and cheese, which wins awards every year at the taste of Buffalo.  If you like your barbecue cooked low and slow, with that great smoky taste, you have to check Fat Bob's Smokehouse.

STEAK  img img

There are lots of places to eat steak in Buffalo, but,  I would definitely say the Peter Lugers of Buffalo is got to be The Buffalo Chop House. It is located in the heart of downtown, very near the theatre district. This place has great steaks, great drinks, and a great atmosphere, very classy and very romantic. Many celebrities incidentally hang out there.... 

HOT DOGS img img img

Yes Hot Dogs! Buffalo is known for their hot dogs, because we have many great home town sausage makers. Many have said that Buffalo hot dogs are Greek, because so many Greeks serve them, in Buffalo we also make hot dogs with special hot sauce like our chicken wings, we call em Texas Hots dogs, you will love em. In any case, my pick for dogs is undeniably Louies Texas Hots, from my old neighborhood. I have fond memories of a night at Al and Ross on Delavan followed by a stroll up to Bailey to Louies on Bailey. I am pretty sure, the first Louies was on Bailey and Delavan Avenue, next to a bar that used to be called Ungers Tavern. Louies uses Buffalos' own Salen Hot dogs.  Louies makes breakfast, lunch, burgers, deserts, you name it! Another Buffalo  favorite is Ted's Hot Dogs. Ted started on the West side, with a hot dog cart by the peace bridge along time ago. He has been making friends and customers ever since, great charbroiled dogs!


One thing that you might find hard to believe we have and awesome taco shop.  Mighty Taco started in Buffalo on Hertle avenue in the 70s, since then Buffalonians know where to get the best in Tacos! They have tacos, nachos, burritos, fajitas, hot, medium or mild. They have the mighty, the super mighty,  make mine a El Nino a burrito with like a pound of  meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato mmm,,, can taste it now. Runner up is Lone Star Fajita Grill on Hertle avenue.... again awesome burritos, more tex mex. And Try Gramma Mora's for a great sit down Mexican time.

Subs img

Philadelphia has the Philly cheese steak, In Buffalo we have Jims Steak Out. Jims is just awesome, Jim makes the best subs, awesome and delicious. The Steak subs come in like 5 types with all names of different streets of Buffalo. Some are French flavored, more cheesy, and some are more hot and spicy. He also has turkey subs, Burritos and lots of sides... Wow , its meat eaters heaven.

PIZZA img img img

For Pizza I have to say the King is probably LaNova.  For 3 generations and over 50 years, they have been making pizza in Buffalo. They still are located on West Ferry street. Buffalo N.Y. is located halfway between New York city and Chicago, hence Buffalo pizza is halfway. Not as thin as New York, and not as fat as deep dish Chicago, Buffalo pizza however is very tasty and very Italian. Other favorites are Bocce club, which started in the city as a real Bocce Club, Raymondos, and Franco's, both from my old Neighborhood .  ;-). 


If you happen to be in downtown Buffalo for a Sabres game, or a ballgame, or partying on Chippewa etc. Please check this list of Downtown restaurants.


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If I had my way, I'd shuffle off to to Buffalo; Sit by the Lake and watch the world go by.
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